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As a transformational growth program, Personal Power with Stephanie Hamadto is known for propelling individuals into the life they desire. This program is attended by people of all ages and backgrounds, and inspired leaders from a variety of industries. With a multifaceted approach combined with outside-the-box strategies, Personal Power with Stephanie Hamadto will help you breakthrough challenges to reach your goals.

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Inspire, Grow & Elevate 

Group Coaching 

Personal Power with Stephanie Hamadto is an experience that is customized to address the needs of each participant. Packed with practical tips and useful skills, people gain a positive mindset and a desire to put their knowledge to action. This multi angle approach helps individuals step into their optimal potential. The support and encouragement that ensues when a group of growth-minded individuals come together is unlike anything else.


Team Coaching

This unique program has been carefully crafted to cater to the specific needs of a Team. As a highly esteemed growth program, Team Power with Stephanie Hamadto helps leaders and team members break through blocks on a personal level which ultimately pours back into the collective vision. "When you add water to the harbor, all the boats rise."

Motivational Speaker
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What clients have to say

"Stephanie has seriously helped me work through some long standing limiting beliefs through coaching with her. Her understanding and patient nature makes you feel heard and seen She has helped me become so much more aware of how I can move forward and be successful in every area of my life. She's amazing!!"


"For me the biggest transformation I saw was accountability. I learned simple tools to implement in my life to assist me to not get triggered so much. Taking this class held me accountable to stick to my self care routine, journaling, meditation and daily workouts. I felt like not wanting to, was not an option. I saw the difference in how I handled situations in my life."


"I wasn’t sure what to expect but I signed up and I’m so glad I did! From day one and then all the way throughout the course, Stephanie dropped what I found to be life-changing nuggets of wisdom. There is an enormous amount of power in being able to change thought patterns in a way that creates continued blessings and abundance. I use the information Stephanie shared with us on a daily basis and I can honestly say it has made a positive difference in my life."


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